An image-gallery like menu. Upload images into this image-menu, then configure which URL they should point to.

All images are shown with the same width/height according to your configuration. Bigger images will be cropped and shrinked.


  • Create a new image-menu
  • Upload images into it
  • Configure the URL for each image
    • Click the icon of the image-menu
    • Choose Change image URLs

Optionally, you can also configure the links to open in a new window. See the latter images in the example below.


Besides changing the image URLs, you can set the configure the following settings of the image-menu:

  • Image width & height,
  • Number of images in a row.

How images are cropped and shrinked

Only bigger images are cropped and shrinked.

The biggest possible image according to your configured image size proportions is used from the center of the image.